Sunday, 11 March 2012

Has Spring Sprung?!

I don't know if Spring is definitely here but there was certainly a glimpse of it this weekend. As it was looking so lovely outside husband and I decided we would do some gardening this weekend. Our garden was in desperate need and we have husbands parents and Nana coming in a couple of weeks so there was extra impetus to get in there and sort it out. We went up to our local garden centre first thing yesterday morning to pick up a few things. Now bearing in mind it really is barely spring and there was not that much available to buy husband and I still managed to go over budget. Never mind though the garden was needing it.

So yesterday we spent most of the day weeding, picking up leaves and cutting back the plants we have. It doesn't sound like much but it took ages. It was worthwhile though because today we got to do the fun stuff, the planting. We planted a Raspberry bush, a bay tree, some herbs, some daffodils and added fresh compost to our existing plants. All in all we were pretty pleased with the results. This will be our third summer in our house and really only our third year gardening, so we are still newbies at the gardening game!

Want to see some photo's?

Of course you do!

Phoebe was not sure if she like herbs...

On second thoughts, she loves them!

My new herbs, in my new planter

The Raspberry bush

Gooseberry bush, all pruned

Christmas trees

New Lily shoots


more Heather

 Lavender all cut back and deadheaded and my new Daffodils

Veronica all ready for another year

finally some new shoots and flowers on our tree

So there you go that's how my garden is looking after this weekend.
 Have your been in your garden yet? I would love to hear about your planting!


  1. Thought I'd drop you a line. What a cute blog! Blogging is fun for the most part. It keeps me wanting to make new things. That's important. Thanks for visiting me and my sister's blog. Best wishes, Linda

  2. Hi Sam, thanks for the comment on my blog. Here is a link to Sew Many Ways, you can set up your email with your blogger profile and then I can respond to your comments. I really like responding and it is more difficult when no email is attached.

    Your garden additions look great, I too, want to have a small herb garden but I am really bad with plants...have a great day.

  3. Beautiful garden! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!