Thursday, 12 January 2012

Just keep swimming!

So I did go to the swimming pool on Tuesday night and I did manage to wear my swimsuit without too much shame and also managed not to drown! So all pluses! I managed to swim 20 lengths which I thought wasn't a bad start and definitely something I could improve on (at one time I was swimming 40) so felt quite good as I left the pool slightly damp and smelling of chlorine.

However, when I got home I was chatting to husband about my lengths and how good I felt and decided to do a quick sum to figure out how well I was getting on with my goal of a mile a week. I wish I hadn't, to say I was devastated is an understatement. Here's the sum

1 mile is 64 lengths
20 lengths is only 500 meters
My total lengths for the year at 64 for 52 weeks is.....

3,328 lengths

May I remind you I only did 20!
I still have  3,308 to go
In fact I still have 44 to go this week!

Hence why Dory is featuring in today's post:

All inspiring words, thoughts and stories are welcome!

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